Pre & Post Rinses

Pre-Brush Children’s Oral Rinses

Pre-brush oral rinses for children tint the teeth typically a blue color so your child can pay special attention to areas that need to be brushed thoroughly. Gentle enough for daily use, pre-brush oral rinses are recommended for use immediately before brushing in the morning and evening.

Pre-brush oral rinses are not formulated to prevent or reduce plaque or gum disease. Their purpose is to make teeth brushing an enjoyable activity for children, helping them clean their teeth better and for the right amount of time. By making the process fun, pre-brush oral rinses reinforce positive behavior while giving children a sense of accomplishment for brushing their teeth well.

Ongoing and continued use of pre-brush rinses may not be necessary once children establish healthy and consistent teeth brushing habits.

Post-Brush Children’s Oral Rinses

Post-brush oral rinses for children help prevent cavities, kill germs and protect teeth against plaque formation. They should be used twice daily after brushing and flossing.

Although children eventually should be able to determine when they’ve thoroughly brushed their teeth therefore eliminating the need for a pre-brush rinse, it is possible that their oral hygiene regimen consist of a pre-brush rinse, teeth brushing and flossing, and post-brush rinse the latter being necessary for cavity prevention.