After a Filling (Restoration)

Following a procedure in which the lip or cheek are numb, be careful not to eat foods that involve chewing until the numbness goes away. Smoothies, milk shakes and yogurt are just a small example of “safe” foods that can be had while numb. You can resume a normal diet once the numbness is gone which should be within 2 to 3 hours after the appointment.

Do not allow your child to rub, scratch or pinch their face while numb as they will surely injure their skin. They may say “it itches” or “hurts”, they are simply referring to the numb sensation and need to be assured that the area is “asleep” and will “wake-up” in a little while.

A self-inflicted bite injury is the most common after-treatment complication. Children do not always understand the effects of local anesthesia, and may chew, scratch, suck, or play with the numb area. These actions can cause minor irritations or they can be severe enough to cause swelling and abrasions to the tissue. The injured area may appear swollen, white/yellow and “infected”. However, this is not a result of infection and does not require antibiotic. You may apply Vaseline / petroleum jelly and the area will heal in 7 to 10 days without leaving any scar of the incident.