Pain Control

Dr. Jerry makes every effort to administer local anesthetics (Lidocaine) in a slow, gentle and comfortable manner, thus eliminating any pain that may accompany dental treatment. The duration of numbness after treatment varies from patient to patient and what drug was used. Generally the numbness wears off after 2 to 3 hours. Parents must be careful to watch their child for chewing or biting of inner cheeks or tongue which can become injured.

Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) is also used to provide analgesic support and allows the patient to remain calm even if they are anxious. Nitrous oxide is a very safe and effective means to allow a child to participate in dentistry in a non-stressful and enjoyable way. Following the use of nitrous oxide the child will breathe 100% oxygen for five (5) minutes thereby eliminating all of the effects of the nitrous oxide before leaving the dental chair.

This will be discussed with the parents/guardians of the patient before treatment to ensure the optimum beneficial outcome.

Nitrous Oxide is helpful for:

  1. Infants
  2. Children who require major treatment
  3. The anxious child
  4. Children that have had traumatic dental experiences (sound and smell aversion)
  5. Children with a strong gag reflex
  6. Children who are medically compromised or who are mentally handicapped